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Hello and welcome to GameTopic, A place where you can discover new and amazing photographs taken by people who just want to share their love and passion for games and photography, as videogames become more advanced technologically they will present new opportunities for photography in the game, The games are starting to look more and more like real life the more advanced they become and soon enough people won't be able to tell the difference between real life and the electronic world. This is the prime reason I chose to follow through with the website because it is just the pure brilliance the power of a videogame can have, They can have huge impacts on peoples lives in the form of a fascinating game that shares a moral story that can be studied and learned upon or the stunning view of a scene or the details characters have, I think games should be encouraged instead of putting aside using the excuse that you could go outside or that you could just play board games, In games, you can be transported to a whole new world, you could be a soldier in war or an alien in space, a pirate on a quest or just an average person making their way through life, the range is as just beyond your wildest imagination.

Photographs will be added daily so stay tuned to see the most up to date ones. I truly hope that you enjoy the photographs throughout the website and feel free to share or download any you come across,

This is our contact box as seen bellow , feel free to email us about how you feel about the page or how you view the photographs in the website ,


There will be community posts in which you can include your own posts and other people will be able to give opinions and views on it , All's you need to do is send it to our email with a name you would like to credit it to and you will be all set for you photograph to appear on the website.

The websites email is here if there are any troubles or if you would like your photograph to be added to the website :


We also have an Instagram page that will be regularly updated with news on the page, Just go ahead and click on the link below and you'll be taken straight there  

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